Dear Harper,

Happy half birthday Harper! A lot has changed for us in the last six months, finally after removing soy from your diet you weight issues are getting better.

Yesterday we had you 18 month check up and guess what? Your back on the growth chart! On the 10th percentile. It's such a relief not to see your little ribs sticking out anymore! You still have a massive appetite, you eat so much and finally I can stop worrying about where it's going.

Six months ago

Later in the month we have another allergy review, I try not to get my hopes up but it's so hard not to, if only just one of your allergies has gone, it would make so much difference to our life.

Last time I was so devastated to find out they had all got worse, like I said I'm trying not to get my hopes up.

I pray that one day we will no longer have to base our life around food, safe places and a EPI-pen, that every time someone touches you I wont have to think do they have clean hands. That i'll be able to let you play at friends houses without first cleaning the floors.

Day care, play group, child care, kindergarden, school, friends house, camps, canteens, restaurant, birthdays parties, Christmas lunch, planes, holidays, overseas trips.

I know it could be a lot worse but it could also be a lot better.

This month you are really loving daddy, you hear the door close when your in the bath you get the biggest smile and say daddy! Daddy! When you wake up next to me in the morning you look over to see if dads home.

You stand on the edge on the couch and bang on the window, it's so dangerous and nothing I can say or do will stop you it's an all day battle that ends in us going out.

You tell me, No Way! About 20 times a day.

Talk heaps, pick up things really quickly, can unlock my iphone.

Wave your arms and get upset but haven't had a tantrum yet.  

Know when you're doing a wee and say wee but like to do it on the ground instead of the potty.

The last week you have been sleeping for 3 hours a day, you must know mummy needs a rest.

Point to my belly and say baby, kiss my belly. If i'm being sick and you can hear you make the noise as if doing a fake cough and say sick sick sick.

Sing songs, goes something like, row row row row row row...      boat.

I love you Harper, you're going to make an amazing big brother.

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