Weekday recap - {in iphone pics}

Monday - I work Mondays, Matt looked after Harper.

Tuesday - We have swimming Tuesdays, for once the pool is warm enough, Harper didn't spend the whole lesson shivering, he was so much happier. When we got home I ordered a baby wetsuit online. 

Wednesday - We have mothers group, now the babies are getting older we take it in turn to have it at our houses, makes it easier, we all have baby proofed homes but Harper seems to find danger at any house. Want to check how baby proof your house is? Sure, borrow my boy for an hour.

Thursday - Shopping at highpoint, I wanted to get Harper a chalkboard, I got that chalkboard and 5 other toys I didn't plan on getting. I need to stay away from the shops. Period.

Friday - Check out my boys first crayon drawing, I framed it. Over the top? Maybe. Friday night my sister and mum came and stayed, I went to work and did their hair.

Saturday - Matt worked in the morning, Saturday night we went to Yo gabba gabba.

Sunday - Matt had the day off we went to Newport Lakes, took Harper to the playground. The end.


  1. Love his sweet little hat! And I LOVE your hair with the pretty braid, totally going to try that!

  2. Ah you guys are so cute! So jealous that you went to Yo Gabba Gabba. We are thinking about going in december but tickets are expensive.

    I'm loving your blog. Harper is a cutie pie. :)