Today I have a 17 month old...

 This little boy is soooo much fun and cracks me up most days. I'm loving this age.

Harper at 17 months you are putting words together like, Lets go. Ready steady Go. Drive in car. You say so much now, I can't list it. You can also follow simple demands like, please go and get your shoes for mummy. You understand most things I say now.

You don't like staying still, you're trying to quit day time sleeps, you love teasing our dog.

Still love anything to do with cars and Still love dancing.

When you hear Michael Jackson, you try to sing along and I hear lots of woooooo's, ooooooo's and screams coming from the backseat of the car.

When you see a powerpoint you point at it and say Danger.
You happily go to strangers.
You bang your hand against the wall then fake cry until I kiss it better then do it again.
You fake cry a lot until I ask, Harper are you ok? Then you smile and stop.
Love wearing shoes and socks.
Love baths and happily pour buckets of water over your head. 

Can count to three by yourself, can count to five repeating after me.
Can climb out of the pool all by yourself at swimming lessons, never breath water in when I put you under.
Love to watch for daddy out the window.
Give amazing cuddles and kisses complete with sound effects mwah.

We love you so much Harps. Happy 17 months.

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  1. SO sweet! He is getting more and more adorable each day. Where do you get these adorable fonts?! They are so cute!!