Our Weekend

 This weekend Matt's sister and her family came to stay with us. Mostly we just stayed at home, ate Shepard's pie and watched Hall Pass (highly recommend) Sunday we braved the morning cold for a trip to the beach followed by coffee and the best lemon tart I've had in years. I am still down a lens. Boo. I've been using my 55-200 VR. I'm surviving just.

Harper loved every moment of this weekend and as I watched Esther carry around Harper on her hip most of the weekend I saw a mini me, I always loved babies when I was her age, I'd tell anyone who was willing to listen, I want ten babies when I grow up.
Now I want four. Maybe three. No four.
Mostly I get funny looks when People ask how many children I want. Like there is something wrong with me because I want more than two children. Have you seen Harper? Seriously. Like I could stop at two.