Guest post from Jess @ IROCKSOWHAT {Blogging advice}

Hi there! I'm Jess from IROCKSOWHAT.com and I'm super happy to be guest posting here! From time to time I get questions about how to have a successful blog - and honestly, I am NO expert, but I do feel like I could definitely shed light on the subject. There are some things that I have found to work for me, and people seem to really respond to. 

For starters - 

1. Always be true to yourself. Blog only for you and NOT for comments or followers. I'm constantly seeing people asking for comments or for people to follow them, which I find to be so strange! You should blog for the sake of blogging. I would be lying if I said that I don't like receiving comments, but you know, sometimes people just don't have anything to say and that's okay! When you blog, just think to yourself that this is a fun thing for you and try not to do it for a "reaction" from others. It'll put a pressure on you that is sometimes inevitable when you know that someone is reading. But still, try to only do it for yourself. I find that when I'm honest and relatable and true to myself, people tend to gravitate towards that. People love honesty.

2. Have a good blog aesthetic. It's true unfortunately, the prettier the blog the more drawn in we become. Also, try to post pictures of your daily life. It's just like reality TV. We want to see what it's like to be you!

3. Schedule your posts the night/day before. I do this all the time! I try not to just throw a post together if I can help it. I like things to be slightly thought out at least. I usually do it at night when my son is in bed for the night, and that's when I edit photos and upload them and then type out my post. It doesn't have to super duper thought out, but it's nice when you plan ahead. 

4. Speaking of photos - take lots of pictures! The more the merrier! 

My blog HAS changed my life! It has become a very in-depth hobby that has brought lots of opportunity into my life. When I first started this blog, I had no idea that it would even grow. In fact, I had no idea that there was this big wide world of "mommy" bloggers. I started it a week before I even found out I was pregnant and the blog just evolved into this documentation of my life has a mother. I'm very thankful for my blog and I can't see myself stopping it anytime soon.

But, unfortunately having a blog that has gained some popularity DOES cause me to have a little pressure in my life - but I embrace it! Sometimes it's kinda boring being a stay at home mom, so having a sort of "job" like this makes me feel more normal and less like a lame mom. I'm happy to have met and interact with all the other mom bloggers that I know out there. BLOGGING = LOVE! 

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