Friend photo Challenge...

We came third in the friend challenge, super exciting!

In other news I'm never doing another vlog on sleep again! Since I posted the Vlog Harper's sleeping has been...
Hmm should I say, interesting, He was up for two hours last night screaming car out the window, only napped for 45 minutes and has been waking up countless times.

Just last week I was thinking how great his sleeping was, then it all changes again. I'm going to blame it on the four teeth he has coming through and say it has nothing to do with me bringing him to bed every time he wakes up ;)
This week I'm entering the blue photo Challenge

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  1. Oh, we're going through the same thing! I scold myself for starting this habit of nursing her and putting her in the bed with us to get her to fall back asleep. But then again, what the heck are you supposed to do? Can anyone tell me? Beautiful picture as always!!

  2. That photo is awesome - I love the reflection!

  3. What a fabulous photo... my goodess what a cutie you have on your hands.

    I hear you - the moment I posted about how gorgeous my skin was looking and solid my nails were - within 48 hours I had 3 blemishes and 2 broken nails... low and behold I spent the night crying - but then again I blame the tears on Hormones :) Im really not that much of a pre-madonna!

    Loving your blog! Good Luck on the Sleep and the Contest!



  4. I do wonder why our kids change so drastically from one day to another. For two weeks straight my son would strip completely down to his diaper everytime he went to bed. Then it stopped..so who knows what our kids are thinking!! Hope it gets better for you, I know it's tough!

  5. This young boy is looking cute wearing glasses.