Today I have a 14 month old

14 months, would you believe me if I told you for the last month I've been going around telling people he was 14 months old, I'm not even joking I lost a month somewhere, baby brain! mine never left!

This month...

You blow me away with your talking, last night you looked at the shower curtain and asked "whats that" I told you three times it was a giraffe and that's all it took you said it several times, I would point and say whats that and would reply giraffe.

Your still taking steps sometimes but mainly you just crawl.

You love pushing around the walker and when you hit a dead end you just lift it up and turn around. So strong.

You love being outside and visiting people.

You still love music and dancing.

When I change your nappy you kick me really hard, nappy changes make you cranky!

I have noticed you really put it on for me, when I'm at work you go down to sleep like an angle (not like when I'm home) you have also started crying to get your way. It's hard, I fall for it because I want you to be happy but I also don't want a spoilt brat boy.

Your not keen on shopping or highchairs, you hate to be constrained.

When we go to mothers group all the babes sit there and play but not you, I don't even get to chat I'm always having to chase you.

Harper you have rocked my, our, little world. The love we feel for you is breathtaking. Some nights when your in bed we just talk about how much we love you, Matt always says "should we get him up?"

of course we never do.

Happy 14 months xoxo


  1. Happy 14 months little guy! I just love his lashes... Amazing!

  2. Yep Happy 14 months..it goes by sooo fast! He's such a cutie!

  3. Happy 14 months! I am in love with that first pic! Our babies are growing up so fast! You are doing such a great job as a mom...he is an amazing little boy!