Coming to you from Hamilton island

Ok I hate to rub it in but it's amazing here, this place has indeed blown me away. After putting my tired baby to bed I'm sitting on our balcony (which is the size of a small house) sipping champagne with views that draw you in for hours. The plane trip here went well and after some convincing Harper slept half the way, the plane engine does seem to sooth babies (thanks for the advice Allie) after arriving we realized there were very few people here after most had been evacuated due to the cyclone, looking at the Island you would never know there was a cyclone here. We spent our first day exploring the island in our golf buggy, so much fun! When we went swimming Harper screamed with delight he's really enjoyed having so much to look at and having daddy around full time, Matt always struggles when he first goes back to work going from being around Harper full time to a few hours a day is really frustrating for him, I really feel for dads I could never leave h full-time it would break my heart. The sun is about to set, bliss.


  1. sounds amazing! I love your new blog header.

  2. I know what you mean! My hubby is going to be gone two weeks after my son is born, for six months! I know that thought of it arriving is killing him!

    It sounds like you are having a great time!


  3. Have fun and take lots of photos! :)