Our week in iphone photos

 Monday we went to Melbourne central to get me some new bathers for our upcoming holiday to Hamilton Island. I got them from sea-folly, the top is almost like a bra, it has underwire great for ex breast-feeding breasts, but thats another story. The bottom is frilly almost like a skirt. Matt took out the caddy for a drive while harper happily watched from the window, we haven't got around to getting the car ready for a baby seat yet.

Tuesday today we went for a drive to pick up the maclaren stroller I brought on Ebay, I just really wanted something lighter now that he's older and also needed something to take on the plane and I couldn't bare the thought of my pre peg perego getting bashed around after paying a fortune for it. 
What do you do when you cant be bothered cooking? get take away, what do you do when you feel like pizza and pasta? get both, I as normal eat way too much and nag matt for the rest of the day to clean our kitchen, its small and when it gets dirty it drives me mad  

Wednesday is spent with a trip to meet the girls at my mothers group in the park for coffee I put Harper in the swing for the first time and he squeals with delight as I push him. The rest of the day is spent just hanging around watching Harper putting random things in mouth

Thursday we go to get Harpers 12 month shots done, because one is grown in egg we have to wait longer and be watched but most children are fine with the shot even with the allergy, I spend a few heart pounding nervous minuets before relaxing as I can see everything is going to be fine. As they push the needle into his skin Harper screams and I start to laugh not because I think its funny, because I'm so nervous and it's the only way I can deal. After 5 minuets he's fine.

 Friday Harpers party is taking over my mind its all I seem to think about, We go on a trip to lincraft where I buy some things to make. Later that day I have to have a FNA on my breast to have a cyst checked out, The nurse is amazingly sweet and makes me feel at ease, I leave feeling relived its over and call back to thank the nurse.

Saturday we decide to make a fleeting trip to the country to visit Matt's mum for the night, Harper spends the time exploring and trying to dismantle Grandmas house one thing at a time.


  1. Sounds like a fun week. I love the photos too. :)

  2. you are such a hottie! harper is pretty cute too :)

  3. these photos are beautiful! and harper is simply precious-- love his name. hope you get positive results-- we'll be sending good thoughts your way, mama!

  4. i loveeee what you did with the 2 overlapping pictures, what an awesome idea!