Guest Blogger Kerryn on Harpers Birthday. Lots of photos.

Happy birthday Harper!

I have just returned home from your first birthday and, having washed off the remnants of toddler urine that had soaked into me while frolicking in your kiddy pool, I thought the time was right to write a few words for your blog.
Your Mummy asked me to do a "guest post" in honour of your first birthday and to write some "nice things" about you so you could read them when you got older. "Nice things", eh? Well being a part of my family you are naturally endowed with great talent, wit, intellect and good looks, so what else is there to say? I'm sure anyone who reads your Mum's posts must know how extraordinarily brilliant you are so I thought I'd let you know about one of your greatest assets…

Your mother is the most organised, well researched person I have ever encountered. If she is going to the milk bar to buy an ice-cream on a hot day, she first trawls the internet, researching which brand will provide the most delicious flavour whilst having the most nutritional value. Then she creates a pie chart. Seriously, your mum never does anything by halves or without thoughtful consideration. 

When she wanted to have you, she read every book she could find on conception, told your daddy when he had to perform and she got it right the first time. 

When you were growing inside her, she bought innumerable volumes on pregnancy.

When your birth was imminent, she read extensively on what to expect and how to be the best mother.

When you arrived and you wouldn't sleep, she became an expert in infant sleeping disorders.

When your food allergies became apparent, she developed a talent for vegan cooking.

When she discovered the joys of taking your picture, she made enquiries, bought an DSLR, starting taking 
beautiful photos and each day gets one step closer to becoming the next Anne Geddes.

So recently she was faced with a new "first". The first birthday, and with that, the first birthday party.
Now even though I am your spinster aunt, I have still attended a few first birthday parties in my time (even my own). These parties are usually small affairs where the adults outnumber the  children 3 to 1. The crowd usually consists of grandparents, uncles, aunts and a few friends who mill about eating a cake straight from the Women's Weekly children's birthday cake book (what would my childhood have been without it?) and watching the star of the show chew on wrapping paper.

Not so for your event Harper De Ville! 

Today in Melbourne the temperature reached 38 degrees. You had 35 adults and countless children attending your little circus themed soiree. There was an inflatable pool as well as a little ball filled half shell pool. A marquee decorated with gorgeous black and white photos, linen and ribbons. The Hills Hoist had been magically transformed into a bunting lined tent, so grand I would not have been surprised to see it surrounded by unicorns and girls with extravagantly long red hair. There was a competition to guess the number of jellybeans (congratulations Briony!) and circus themed popcorn, lolly bags and jelly cups.

Your parents went to great lengths to accommodate everybody's needs. From my vegetarianism to your allergies and everyone in-between's heat related discomfort, everything was catered for or remedied. Personally, I ate till my stomach was so distended that I resembled the Buddha then splashed in the pool eating jelly cups. You seemed content to sit in your half shell introducing yourself to the taste of the hose.

So Harper, you are an awesome little creature and the best looking baby boy I ever did see. You are also extremely lucky because you have a brilliant, dedicated and talented mum who will always make sure that everything you experience will be in its ultimate form. 

Love you dancing man!

P.S. When you are planning next year's celebrations please note, I have always wanted to ride a panda. Just saying.


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  2. Wow looks like a fabp arty!!! I love the bunting and the photos are a fantastic idea! Harper is SUPERCUTE and it looks like you all had a wonderfull time!!

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  4. That was one impressive party for a one year old. You are going to have a lot to live up too for the ones yet to come!

  5. LOVE the blog banner as well as the birthday pictures! Seems like our kids grow up so fast anymore! Harper sure is one lucky little man!! I'm awarding you the Versatile Blogger award. Congrats, so link up and enjoy! http://untilthestarsalign.blogspot.com/2011/02/my-first-award.html

  6. what a fabulous party! love it and this letter too!