I now have a 11 month old

Your favorite thing this month is to dance, You dance to any sound whether it's clanging saucepans toughener or music on the TV.
This month you learned to stand without holding anything, You also masted getting back down by bending your knees rather than falling backwards.

Your still always coved in bruises.
You no longer commando crawl now it's full blow crawling with knees.
You cruse around tables.
You love to walk while we hold you hands.
You play peekaboo by putting you hands on your head instead of over your eyes and it's adorable.
You finally reached 8 kilos and now ride in a forward facing car seat and love to look around.
We celebrated you first Christmas, Santa brought you a shell pool filled with balls.
You are always smiling and happy and win everyones heart, People are drawn to you and can't help but to smile and talk to you.
You have 8 teeth.
Everyday you seem to understand more and every now and then you will say a word very clearly, The rest in babble.
You stared pointing.
Love you
Mummy xoxox
I'll be posting Harper's 10th month Video in a few days when we get back from holidays.


  1. One more month and you have a 1-year-old, can you believe it!?
    Happy 11th month Harper! :)

  2. Hi from the US! I'm so glad you found my little blog, and that I found yours. What a beautiful family you have. And Harper's eyes...wow!

  3. Aww hes such a handsome lil fella!! My fav is the one in the car and the first one simce it was silhouette-like! Hope you have a great new year!!