A painful week

Harper has been growing four cute little teeth this week which has meant I have not been able to blog or take photos as much as I normally would. Then there was the slash on his cheek from my finger nail and the black eye from him falling.
This week was pretty much a write off, But not tonight, Tonight after he had a bath and the day had cooled down we went out to the back yard and this happened


  1. if this boy doesn't win that cutest baby contest...then it's rigged. Those sweet eyes get me every time. Don't worry, My Dubs got it right in the chin from the sitter's cat this week, TWICE. He looks like a war victim.

  2. Hi Harper. Those blue eyes and long lashes are to die for!

    Such cute pictures!

  3. Aww what a rough week. We have teeth coming too and it's really sad. Glad you had a sweet moment there at the end. Adorable pictures!