Blogging is hard work

When I first set up a blog it was a spur of moment decision, I was bored and I thought it would be a great way to keep a record of Harper's life, I didn't take into account the amount for work it takes to keep up a blog. Making sure I have taken new photos, Editing the photos, Thinking of things to post and then just finding the time to put it all together then there is reading everyones amazing blogs. I tend to get carried away and realize Harper has had his nap and here I am still on this blog when really I so should have done the washing or dishes the list goes on.  I love that it makes me take more photos, that If I wonder when Harper first did something I can look back at my posts, I love to get advice or words of encouragement from other mothers but Sometimes I don't like how much of my time it takes. I think I'm going to set an amount of time I can blog for so silly I feel like I have an addiction......... Blogging anonymous. Does anyone else find blogging hard work?


  1. I know exactly what you mean! I actually quit blogging when my daughter was between 9 months to about 13 months because I was just too busy and that was an extremely needy time for her.

    Now that she is 16 months she plays with toys a lot more and is becoming independent so it allows more time for blogging, but I understand how it is to feel obligated to blog regularly and always be coming up with amazing posts. You should set a guideline for yourself saying you'll blog at least once a week or every other week or something. That was my plan when I started blogging again but as usual with blogging I am totally addicted. :)

  2. It's totally hard work! And so time consuming! I'm loving it because I'm new at it but wonder if I can keep up this kind of time commitment on a long term basis?

  3. I do!!! Sometimes I feel like not posting anything at all but I tell my self that I have to. See, when I started this blog, I committed to 1 year of blogging and capturing my daughter's DAILY life and turn it in to a hard bound book for her when she is older. There are days when I tell my self that I can't wait for it to be over or "maybe capturing her first 6 months is enough!". But here I am, still blogging. I am totally with you on taking photos (how I wish I can take beautiful photos like you though), since my daughter was born, I've already used up over 200GB of disk space!

  4. Oh, your baby boy is precious!

    I dont have any children, but I definately understand the time consumption involved. Now, for instance...I really want to buy pizza for lunch so I can keep reading fabulous blogs like yours, or edit pics, write a post...but I know its bad for us and I really shouldnt spend the 12 bucks when we have food here in the house. Whats an addicted blogger to do?

    My mom came to visit and she was like, "Get off that computer". My response was, "But I'M WORKING!". Nobody ever believes it. =).

    Keep up the good work!

  5. I had a similar dilemma, I let the blog control ME. I made a pact to write when my bebe slept, or write at night and set a publish date. The hardest part is getting away from the mode of thinking, "oh this would make a good blog post" because sooner or later you're always looking for that in every moment and it kind of spoils it. I carry a notebook too, write down the silly things I want to write about it, but now I do it so I CAN remember it for myself later, reflect.

    I love your blog, and thank you for sharing that absolutely beautiful boy with the world!

  6. I second everything you just said!Our blogs are our best outlets and there should be no guilt for it.
    you have got to tell me how you take such amazing photos! 99% is due to your adorable precious kiddo, but that 1% that comes from the right camera setting is a secret I need you to reveal :)
    p.s. I own Nikon d200, but am sure they all operate similarly.

  7. I don't have kids but I understand the pressures of blogging- I realized I had become obsessed with wanting MORE followers, MORE comments, MORE posts... ugh! For what? I was stressing myself out trying to come up with amazing projects and tutorials. Now, I'm trying to go for quality- not quantity. I enjoy your blog and your photos! Your son is adorable :)