Mum I need a haircut

Harper needs a haircut he has for a while now but I keep putting it off, I don't want to change him, As silly as that sounds. He still has his mullet baby hair, The hair he was born with. I have done so many first haircuts, This weekend I will do Harpers. I'll be sure to post some footage.


  1. I was so scared to cut Kingstons hair. But he did so good and the lady didn't even cut it that much! It looks so much better than it did before and it didn't even look really that bad!! He just had so much freaking hair!!
    She also kept the hair she cut so I could put it in his baby book.
    I took a car and just let him hold it the whole time and he sat so still!

    Harpers hair isn't even that long though, you could still grow it out a ton before you need to cut it!! It's sooo cute!!

  2. Look at those long lashes! :)

  3. i can't wait for parker to even have enough hair to cut! some day... some day. harper is SO cute.