Loco Birds

Lately I have resorted to hanging clothes on a maiden inside the house. Our back yard has been taken over by the two little birds you see here, Who decided to nest above our clothes line. My poor dog can't even go to the toilet without being swooped. It has become a real problem! Sometimes it makes me angry that I can't use our backyard, Yesterday I found the three baby birds. This softened my heart as I thought about how they are only protecting their baby birds which happen to be super cute, So for now I'll let them have my yard. Lets hope those baby birds grow up quick.  


  1. My Mum had the same thing in her backyard. Made a nest on their clothesline. How strange. She put an umbrella up over the nest to protect it. Three babies have flown from the nest now and they are all still hanging around in the trees. Apparently they will lay more eggs during the season, maybe 5 more times.

  2. This happened to me last year, a bird made a nest and laid eggs outside our living room window. Unfortunately, the bird transferred her nest before the eggs hatched. :(

  3. That is too adorable... never have I seen anything like that where I live in San Diego. Looks like you just got new pets!