First photos with the D90

I have not done any editing to the first four shots.
The D90 has blown me away, The colour really pops! I am in love with my very early birthday/Christmas present. I really have not had the time to have a good play with it yet having a baby and all but when I have the time to work this bad boy out I'll let everyone know what I think.

The rest of the photos have been edited


  1. Those last 2 pictures are amazing! Wow, I can't wait to invest in another DSLR. I miss my D40, wasn't the best but I do miss it!

    Little Sugar Monster

  2. I have had my Nikon D200 for four years and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. You are going to have the best time figuring it all out. Your shots are super!

  3. *sigh* I can't wait!! Seriously I bet you are having soo much fun!!

    I loved the pictures and your little guys lashes are intensely long!!

  4. wow! he has some super long eyelashes! Enjoy the SLR - great investment!

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  6. Hey cute pictures. I looked through some of your blogs.
    I'm a Nikon girl too. I have my own blog that follows my family and my photography biz.
    If your interested take a wander.