Day 1 & 2 without Dummy

So it's gone I did it For now........

Yesterday first day sleeps went well without dummy, Not to much crying. He did only mange to have two 30 min sleeps all day, So he was super tired and cranky.
When I put him down at 7-pm he cried for around an hour (stopping and starting and some winging not full on crying all the time  I was doing more of that) the I fed him at 10.30 and 3 he woke a couple of times but resettled quickly I can't believe how much better he was that only day 1
Today he cried a little more when put down for his day sleeps and tonight when I put him down at 7-pm he  cried for about 20 minuets
So hope this works!!!!

 I am Having his 6 month shots done tomorrow. I hate it, So hard to watch them in pain!

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