Allergies effing SUCK!

Had to have Harper allergy tested yesterday turns out he is allergic to egg and milk so I can no longer eat them until I wean him. I hope he grows out of this could you imagine children's parties, school, any place where there is food. Way to much stress for me!! My poor baby. We also went to a naturopath to look at a different approach for his eczema but I think now I'm just confused.


  1. Aww poor little guy! Allergies suck.

    I LOVE his name! You have one seriously cute baby!

  2. awww, poor poor baby :( and poor poor mama too!

    email me at alliehallmarr@yahoo.com and i'll write back with some thoughts on different cameras, and the kind i use too... k?

  3. sorry to hear that, poor little guy