How to make storybook letters...

What you'll need.

Letters, I found mine at our local Lincraft store. I used wooden fine letters, but after using them I realise it would have been much easier to work with the chunkier sized letters.

A storybook, I used a Golden book, The wizard of OZ.

Acid free glue, this won't mark your paper and will dry matte, you could also use PVA but it would be shinny.

A hard bristled brush.

First I ripped up the book, I picked the pictures I liked the most and tore them out leaving no straight edges.
I then played around with the placement until I decided where I wanted to glue the pictures. 

I glued the large pictures first then worked on overlapping the words and smaller pictures. I also made sure I did the front of all the letters first while I had the most patience.

I made the word READ to go above our bookshelf, but these would look so amazing using your child's name.    


  1. I love this!!! Definitely going to try it!

  2. That looks so awesome! Such an easy DIY but still something I would covet at a cute boutique. Great idea.

  3. This is such a great craft! Thanks for sharing.

  4. thanks!!! definitely doing this with or Christmas!

  5. cutest idea!!! i want to do this! thanks!

  6. i did this for harper and it turned out AMAZING! i can't wait to write a lil blog post so i can show you! thanks for the inspiration!